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About Us


A society that is poverty free where everyone lives in dignity and harmony with nature


Our mission is working towards sustainable development by strengthening the capacity and participation of the poor and the marginalized sector of community through individual as well as collective empowerment

Assistance for the Livelihood of the Origins (ALO) is a non-government organization (NGO) based in Khagrachhari Hill District (KDT). It was established in 1997 by a group of dedicated, energetic, like minded social workers with the following aim: 

·      to promote the socio-economic status of poor and marginalized people

·      to promote cultural and social advancement of CHT indigenous people.

ALO was established with the aims to work primarily for the Indigenous People. However, ALO has shifted its focus believing that sustainable development can only be achieved through a community/area-based approach. This includes working with long-time settlers who are still marginalized and who call KDT their home. ALO also works in partnership with the local government institutions, other NGOs (national & international) and networks.

ALO is non-political organization working with various groups regardless of religion and ethnicity. Today ALO works with over 45,000 beneficiaries and communities living permanently in Khagrachhari Hill District at multiple levels to address the root causes rather than symptoms of poverty. Thus, the organization has programmes that seek to widen the opportunities and enable rural poor and marginalized individuals and communities to recover from disasters, improving people’s access to adequate food, health care services, education and safe environment strengthening the capacity and ability of the poor and marginalized to exercise their rights and participate in decision-making process that affects their choice and way of lives 

The key objectives of the organization are as follows-

§  To improve the socio-economic condition of the people through sustainable forest management ensuring ecological balance.

§  To undertake various projects based on community needs and empower communities for sustainability of intervention.

§  To address women discrimination through advocacy and education campaign including gender mainstreaming in all its activities.

§  To promote preservation of indigenous knowledge, culture and practices (IKCP) in the CHT.

§  To foster harmonious relationship with national and international organizations in partnership with the government sector and other stakeholders.

Strategic Plan:

A non-directive, bottom-up and peoples participatory development approach is practiced by us while implementing projects. The beneficiaries here play a vital role in decision-making, planning and implementation. ALO pursues a sustainable human development policy which is pro-poor, pro-nature and of course pro-women. It stresses growth, but growth with employment, growth with environment and growth with empowerment.

Link to strategic plan

Legal Status: ALO is registered with the following Govt. Department or Directorate in Bangladesh for carrying out various socio-economic development activities for its beneficiaries.

1.      Directorate of Social Welfare, Khagrachhari; Registration No-Khagra-152/98, Date- 31-12-1998

NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka; Registration No- 2225, Date- 18/04/2007